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How to Start Training Your Puppy
Training a puppy isn’t difficult but working with these intelligent animals requires their human guardians to be very familiar with this breed’s specific needs. These humans also must be dedicated to supplying the puppy with everything needed so the dog can reach his or her full potential.

It’s especially important to give puppies an early start with training. Because of their extreme intelligence, they can easily become bored. Beginning training at an early age—as early as 8 weeks in some cases—can provide that necessary solid foundation in training.

Here are a few tips for beginning your training:

Engage your puppy in play
Because it’s important to avoid boredom in young puppies, providing a variety of activities for your youngster is mandatory. Playing with a chew toy, taking a walk outside, or even having a roll in the back yard—all of these are fun activities that will engage your puppy’s mind.

Simply spending quality time with your puppy will definitely help keep them engaged. Interactions with humans are important to them. If your puppy senses that you are not engaged he or she may begin to cry, bark, play or annoy you, just to get your attention.

You can also use play as a form of training. For example, teaching a puppy to fetch uses a play task as a training task.

Puppy Pre-school
Puppies can begin training at a very young age, as early as 8 weeks. Enrolling them in a puppy obedience class can really help get rid of any boredom. It also gives them a taste of obedience training, something that will benefit them for life.

Obedience training is absolutely critical to successfully raising a puppy. It not only helps them develop their reasoning abilities, it also helps them build a sense of self-esteem.

Making sure that a puppy is fully socialized is absolutely necessary if you want to ensure that your dog is a full member of your family.

Socializing your young puppy with other dogs, animals and people should be a large part of your daily training regimen. And this training–like obedience training–can begin when the puppy is as young as eight weeks old.

One word of caution-if you plan on visiting a dog park with a very young puppy, make sure your puppy is fully protected against the diseases of puppy hood. Ask your vet for advice about whether or not to expose your puppy to a dog park, and plan your socializing according to that advice. There are lots of way so to socializing your puppy, including play dates with the dogs of friends!

As we mentioned, you can begin to train your puppy at a very young age, and one of the most important parts of that training is the quality time spent between the puppy and his or her human guardian. Spending time together, no matter how it is spent, is the primary base for all training—whether the human is training the dog, or the dog is training the human!